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The concept of the ZERO Watch is a clock face without hands or markings, instead a constantly changing pattern of rings indicates the passing of time.
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The main theme is minimalism, so there are no distracting elements in the design, after a short time you will acquire a feel for reading the time.

The application has been designed to allow for individual customization by the user, allowing it to be personalized to suit your needs.
A choice of eleven eye-catching color themes are provided, there is one for every kind of mood.

To access the configuration options tap on the button at the bottom of the screen, to access the application settings.

Many new features have been added in the latest release, so if you are an earlier customer be sure to get the latest update. The big new feature is support for displaying up to two additional time zones on the clock face.

Each of the configuration settings will be described on the Details page.

If you want an uncommon and beautiful clock for your nightstand, this is the app for you!

If you want the same thing on your wrist, then you have to get the real ZIIIRO wrist watch. Check out the ZIIIRO Website for more information.

This watch concept has been featured on many websites, such as Engadget and Yanko Design. Since then (March 2010), ZIIIRO has become a brand with the goal of making unique and stylish wrist watches.

The latest release has just been approved and is now available, the new version number is v1.2. Click on the App Store link at the bottom of this page to check it out!
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ZIIIRO Gravity Green

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ZIIIRO Gravity Banana