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Who Are We?

We are an iOS development house doing apps both for ourselves and for other organizations. If you are interested in having us work on an app for you please feel free to contact us.
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TimeRings has been developed as a collaborative effort between Robin Mair and Dennis Wenzel, based on an original design idea by Robin Mair.

Our goals are to continue improving TimeRings, as we have many ideas for enhancing the application. But we will also be developing additional iPhone and iPad applications that we hope to bring to market.


Design: Robin Mair
Engineering: Robin Mair & Dennis Wenzel
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ZIIIROWatch has been developed as a collaborative effort between Robert Dabi and Robin Mair, based on an original design concept by Robert Dabi.

The ZIIIROWatch application was developed to get the great design concept by Robert Dabi available in an app. Robert is also independently developing a real physical watch based on his design concept. This application is intended to help promote the real watch.

Design: Robert Dabi
App Design & Engineering: Robin Mair