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TimeRings is a clock utility application that displays time from a fresh perspective!

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The progress of time is viewed as a series of revolving rings that are animated in unison with the changing time. The rings rotate below a digital time display providing visual progress of the time. The seconds ring is constantly ticking off the seconds, then when the minute or hour increments the corresponding rings will “jump” to the next increment.
These jumps can be animated so that they are smooth, or they can act more like a clock tick with a hard jump.

In addition to displaying the time, the application will also display the current date and time zone, day of the week, and AM/PM and DST indicators. When the clock is rotated to the landscape orientation the size of the rings is increased in order to maximize the display size of the time.

The latest version of the app now allows an additional time zone to be displayed making it easy to keep track of the time in a different time zone.

The clock is designed to make it easy to serve as a nightstand clock. To support this it has controls that make it easy to dim the screen at night. Using this feature allows the user to reduce the display brightness by double tapping on the screen.

A setting is also provided that allows the screen auto locking feature to be turned off so that the screen stays on indefinitely.

Click on the App Store link at the bottom of this page to check it out!
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